Hyper Realism

Tools used throughout the project:

– To get rid of backgrounds of pictures I used, such as the pig and football players, I used the quick selection tool and the polygonal lasso tool.

– I used the magic wand tool to clear out some white background of the pig by selecting the inverse of the pig and making a path (working path) and saved it..also used the white arrows and stroked the path with the brush.

– If I were to cut out the hand that was around one of the football players it would look like there was a hole in his body…so I used the clone stamp to cover the hand on the body..I thought doing that was so cool because I had no idea that was even possible!

– I duplicated the field I was using for the project but I needed to fix some lines so they would match up. I used the healing brush tool to get rid of lines that I did not need and also used the clone stamp to cover the lines to make it look like it was just grass.

– I used the pen tool and made and saved a path to make new lines on the field and then stroked with the brush.

– To change colors of one of the football players jersey I selected the jersey using the polygonal lasso tool and changed the hue.

– For the sunlight around the pig, I switched the mode to screen so only the light part would show.

– To make the shadows for the football players I used the brush tool but lowered the opacity to eliminate the hard edges so it looked like a shadow.

Progress 10- FINAL PRODUCT!

Progress 9

progress 8

progress 7

progress 6

progress 5

progress 4

progress 3

progress 2

progress 1

Concept 1:

The first concept I thought of was to have a football field with some players and having one player catching a ball. Instead of a ball, I would have the player catching a pig..but..a pig in football?!  YES!..because people often refer to a football as a “pig skin”. I thought of this on monday night (1/23) as I was laying down going to bed. With all the commotion of the football games the night before, I thought that was perfect!

This is the field I am planning to use.

I haven’t figured out which person i’m going to use for the “great catch”, but these are two I thought i’d might use. I might use some of the players in the second picture and the player in the third picture to make it look like they are charging at the guy who’s catching the ball.

This will be the “ball” the player is going to catch.

Because catching the ball is obviously important, I thought I would have sunlight around the pig being caught.

Concept 2:

I was looking through photos on my computer and I am across some from a cruise that I went on in the summer, which was so much fun..so I wanted to see if I could think of something to do with the pictures I had. My second concept was to have a cruise ship up on a sandy beach. Clearly, a boat is supposed to be in the water..not in the sand. I would have the ship on the sand along with beach chairs, maybe some people, and beach toys to give the illusion that it’s just a “normal” day the beach, meanwhile theres a huge ship where there shouldn’t be.

This is the cruise ship. I’m not sure yet which one I am going to use.

I will probably end up duplicating this chair to have a few lined up.

The beach umbrella..can’t forget that!

Beach toys!

The sand.

Concept 3: 

While going through photos on my computer I was able to think of another concept. I found a picture of my brother and I in a bubble bath when we were little kids. We always had bubble fights and they always ended up all over the place..which left mom not too thrilled..but what’re ya gonna do? ..we were kids! So my thought for this concept was to have to have a rather large animal in the bath tub having a bubble fight..unusual, right?

…this was before the mess.

These are the two giraffe’s I plan to use for the bubble fight.

I think i’m gonna have a tail in the picture, probably either coming up out of the water or going over the ledge of the tub.

I plan to use the giraffe legs/arms like how normal human arms are. I’d have bubbles on them as if they were going to throw them at one another.

Concept 4:

My fourth concept was to use this picture I had and have god up in the sky somehow. Then, in the sky in cloud like writing in a speech bubble, it would say “come at me bro”, which you may know is from the popular show Jersey Shore. I kind of just thought it would be something funny.

I think I’d get rid of the buildings to add more of the sky.

Jesus Christ would be up in the sky.

Clouds I would use to add into the sky.

I would use the sky to add into the first picture.

Concept 5:

For the fifth concept, I thought of using a few of my favorite things. My favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox. I would use a picture of the actual “red sox”.

Instead of keeping the picture exactly the same, I would use some other favorite things of mine to substitute the colors. For the blue background, I would use blueberries.

For the red sox, I would use strawberries (my number one absolute favorite!)

For the little white part of the sock I would use marshmallows.

And lastly, I thought it would be cute to use crushed up graham crackers for a background around the blueberries so it would look like the dirt.


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